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New COVID-19 Restrictions In Place to protect Clients and Staff.

'Andrew Winter Photography' is following these enhanced procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect our clients, staff and families:

1.  I require to have one owner per animal that I am photographing.  This means that if you wish to bring more than one dog/horse then you will also need to bring someone else with you to look after them.  The person you bring will need to be part of your 'bubble' and please follow Government guidelines regarding car sharing and social distancing.

2.  Only one photographer (Andrew) will attend the photoshoot.

3.  If you are ill or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive then please cancel the shoot and I will happily re-arrange it for you.  If in doubt call me on 07941 458267.

4.  Only dogs from the same household at each session.

5.  Additional time between appointments to prevent client and/or pet contact with each other.

6.  A no-contact policy between clients, their pets and 'Andrew Winter Photography'.

7.  Additional cleaning of equipment and clothing.

8.  Restricted number of shoots on any given day.

9.  Online Viewings only at this time.

10.  Direct to Home delivery of products if preferred.

11.  Extra hand sanitation before, during and after the shoot.

13. Pre-payment of services available if clients prefer contactless checkout.

15.  2 metre social distancing at all times.

16.  We would prefer to work without PPE, like masks and gloves, but at your request ahead of the shoot or for specific reasons or government guidelines, we will of course do so.

17.  If I feel unwell, have a temperature or any other possible symptoms I will postpone the shoot without hesitation

General Release and Injury Waiver Form including Covid-19 Liability Release Waiver

In agreeing to a photoshoot you also agree to the following.

General Release and Injury Waiver

1.  I wish to participate in a location based photography session with 'Andrew Winter Photography'.

2.  I acknowledge that 'Andrew Winter Photography' will take every step to ensure my safety whilst on location.

3.  I agree to adhere to any Health & Safety instructions/directions issued by 'Andrew Winter Photography'.

4.  I agree that I will carry out the activity in accordance with the specific safety instructions that I have received before undertaking the activity.

5.  I agree to wear any relevant clothing suitable for the location in accordance with the safety instructions given by 3.  I wish to participate in a location based photography session with 'Andrew Winter Photography'.

6.  I confirm that I am in good physical condition and have no medical impairments that might prevent me from safely taking part in the intended activities.  Any concerns or issues arising have been discussed ahead of booking and 'Andrew Winter Photography' is fully aware of any restrictions.

7.  I have informed 'Andrew Winter Photography' of any medical needs, restrictions or concerns regarding the pet involved before booking.

8.  I acknowledge that any location work is potentially hazardous and that by attending the location I am exposing myself and my pet to the possibility of personal injury.

9.  I accept the risk of personal injury, injury to my pet and/or property damage I am exposed to whilst participating in the photo shoot.

10. I hereby indemnify 'Andrew Winter Photography' against all claims made by myself or any other person against 'Andrew Winter Photography' in respect of injury, loss or damage arising out of or in connection with my failure to comply with the safety instructions and/or directions of 'Andrew Winter Photography'.

11.  I am over 18.

12.  I acknowledge that I have read, fully understand and agree to the above prior to my signing and I confirm acceptance of the 'Andrew Winter Photography' terms and conditions as outlined on

Covid-19 Liability Release Waiver

Due to the 2019-2020 outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), 'Andrew Winter Photography' is taking extra precautions with the care of every client.  I have outlined what we are doing below.  You and your pets safety is always our primary concern.

In signing this form I agree to the following:

1.  I understand the above symptoms and affirm that I, as well as all household members do not currently have, or have not experienced these symptoms WITHIN THE LAST 14 DAYS.

2.  I affirm that, as well as all household members, have not been diagnosed with COVID-19 WITHIN THE PAST 30 DAYS.

3.  I affirm that I, as well as all household members, have not knowingly been exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 WITHIN THE PAST 30 DAYS.

4.  I affirm that I, as well as all household members, have not travelled outside the country or any city considered to be a 'Hot Spot' for COVID-19 WITHIN THE PAST 30 DAYS.

5.  I understand that 'Andrew Winter Photography' cannot be help liable for any exposure to the Covid-19 virus caused by misinformation on this form.

6.  By signing below, I agree to each statement above and release 'Andrew Winter Photography' from any liability for the unintentional exposure or harm due to COVID-19.

'Andrew Winter Photography' is following these enhanced procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

1.  Pre-payment of services available if clients prefer contactless checkout.

2.  Additional time between appointments to prevent client and/or pet contact with each other.

3.  A no-contact policy between clients, their pets and 'Andrew Winter Photography'.

4.  Additional cleaning of equipment and clothing.

5.  Restricted number of shoots on any given day.

6.  Online Viewings only at this time.

7.  Direct to Home delivery of products if preferred.

8.  Extra hand sanitation before, during and after the shoot.

9.  Only one dog and their owner/s per session.

10.  2 metre social distancing at all times.

11.  We would prefer to work without PPE, like masks and gloves, but at your request ahead of the shoot or for specific reasons or government guidelines, we will of course do so.

12.  If I feel unwell, have a temperature or any other possible symptoms I will postpone the shoot without hesitation.

'Andrew Winter Photography' agrees to abide by these standards and affirms the same.

* 'Andrew Winter Photography' includes all members of management and staff.

General Terms and Conditions

Payment Plans

1.  Payment plans are available on orders over £400  and ore organised through 'Go Cardless'.  You will need to pay a deposit at the Viewing and then the balance can be split into one or two monthly payments.

2.  This is not a credit scheme and so no products can be ordered until full and final payment has been made.

3.  You will not be charged any extra for this.

4.  All payments are non-refundable.

5.  Failure to pay a payment request may mean that your order is cancelled and no monies will be re-funded.

6.  Make sure you have the funds on a monthly basis to pay the requests before you agree to the payment plan.

Gift Vouchers

1.  Only one voucher can be used per session.

2.  Vouchers must be used as described and cannot be exchanged for cash or other goods as part of their promotion.  If the voucher also includes a photographic product, this cannot be exchanged for another product or cash value to be traded against further products.

3.  Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

4.  Vouchers are for new sessions only and cannot be used to purchase images from a previous session.

5.  Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.  This can be extended by arrangement.

6.  Dog shoots take place at our spectacular location in Albury, Surrey Hill AONB. Details can be found HERE.
7.  Equine shoots normally take place at your yard/stable/fields within 45 minutes from GU68NH.  If you are further away then please get in touch HERE.

8.  You will need to produce your Voucher at the photoshoot so please bring it with you.

9.  No purchase is necessary unless the recipient wishes to.  We have an excellent range of beautiful photo products available at special viewing prices  if you wish to display those extra special memories from the session.

10.  Viewings will take place in Cranleigh, Surrey  or Online and Voucher holders must attend to choose their images for their products.

'Andrew Winter Photography' cannot choose an image on your behalf.  Zoom Viewings available during restrictions.

11.  If Gift Vouchers are being purchased for Charity Photoshoots then the Donation must be made before Vouchers are sent out.  

Donations must not be made anonymously.

Charity Photoshoots

Dog Charity photoshoots take place in Albury, GU5.

Horse photoshoots usually to take place in your yard/stable area/fields within 45 minutes of GU68NH.

Details of my charity work and current promotions can be found HERE.

Donations made are non-refundable.

Donations must be confirmed before a photoshoot is booked into the diary.

Photoshoot Giveaways

Dog and Equine Photoshoot Giveaways are only available for new clients or clients who have not had a photoshoot for 24 months or more.

Cancellations and Wet Weather

I check the weather 48hrs and 24hrs before a shoot to make a decision on whether to go ahead.  I very rarely cancel unless it is very wet.

Occasionally this means I have to re-arrange/cancel photoshoots at the very last minute but every attempt is made to cause as little disruption to your plans as possible but working outdoors with the English weather can be difficult at times. If in doubt then always call me to discuss.

If it starts raining at the time of the shoot, to the point where it is affecting my ability to work then I will be happy to postpone and re-arrange the shoot.

If I cancel a photoshoot and it cannot be re-arranged then any session fee paid in advance will be refunded.

A session fee cannot be refunded if the client does not show up to the shoot, the viewing or cancels completely within 48hrs notice. If there is a need to cancel the original booking I will try to re-arrange the session for another day / time.

Image Presentation

If you are unhappy with the presentation of the images at the viewing, I will gladly refund any session fee that you may have paid. This does not apply to the Charity Photoshoots, as donations cannot be refunded.

You are under no obligation to buy anything, I never hard sell and I guarantee you will never feel under pressure to buy.

The Complimentary Desk Frame

The complimentary desk frame which forms part of our promotions as a complimentary giveaway to say "thank you" for allowing me to photograph your pet will need to be collected from Cranleigh.  It will need to be signed for to say that you have collected it. If it has not been collected within 2 months of you being notified that it is ready for collection then we reserve the right to dispose of them.

If a complimentary framed desk print has been offered, you will need to attend the viewing to claim this.

A complimentary framed print offered cannot be claimed in the event you do not like any of the images and wish a refund of the Session Fee.

Complimentary framed prints can be sent to your address by Royal mail at a charge of £6.00 or by courier at £12.00

Digital Files

Please note that I am a 'Fully Finished Product and Print' based studio. Digital files are included with some print products.

Archiving The Images

Images are archived in multiple places so that they are secure.

When it gets to the point where they will be deleted, I will contact clients through the contact information I have for them on record to inform them that they are going to be deleted and ask whether they would like to do anything with them before this happens.

It is the clients responsibility to inform me of any changes to contact information if they wish to be kept informed.

Storage for archiving is reviewed every 6 months.

Animal Welfare

The pets welfare is my first priority and is something that I feel very strongly about. Therefore I will not take photographs of pets in situations that I feel uncomfortable with or could be interpreted as cruel, harmful or non-respectful of their wellbeing.

It goes without saying that I will not take photographs of animals under the following conditions:

in costumes, in cages, behind bars, behind chainlink fencing, behind any other type of fencing or barrier, in prong collars, electric collars, or any other type of collar that I deem to be harmful to the animal comfort.

I reserve the right to refuse to take photographs if I am uncomfortable with any situation regarding the animal that I am not happy with.

The Xperience Group 'Dog of the Month' Competition - Terms and Conditions Click Here

GDPR Statement

Andrew Winter Privacy Policy

Andrew Winter Photography is a Sole Trader specialising in the photography industry. Andrew Winter Photography runs a photographic business specialising in location photoshoots for dogs and horses.

The company Andrew Winter Photography operates from 23 Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh, Surrey GU68NH

This website privacy policy describes how Andrew Winter Photography makes use of the information you give the company when using the websites and its marketing. If you are asked for personal information when using our marketing services or website, it will only be used in the ways described in our privacy policy.

Please note that our privacy policy is updated from time to time. The latest version is always published on this page.

The website privacy policy was updated on August 9th2019.

What do we use your personal information for.

We gather and use certain information about individuals to provide products and services and to allow certain marketing functions as well as online sales on this website. We collect personal data from marketing and site registration. Any data you provide can only be used with your permission. We will maintain our records for online, telephone and offline contact with you.

When running competitions

We usually ask for the following when we are running competitions, or anything related to our online or at event marketing.

Name, Address, Contact Email, Contact Telephone number, demographic postcode and at times preferences.

Other information in relation to specific competitions may be asked for like children’s ages and pet breed.

When buying a gift, we will also ask for the recipient’s name and address.

Any other information requested will be in connection with your enquiry, any special offers and as stated competitions.

Your Choices

You may opt out of receiving information from us by email or post at any stage by either contacting us or by clicking unsubscribe on our emails. If you would like to speak to someone directly please call 07941 458267 or email us at

Data Processing

We process data at our offices at 23 Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8NH.

We apply UK data protection law to our processing.

Data Security

We take appropriate steps to maintain our contact information in a secure format and environment to prevent unauthorised usage. Any staff are bound by contract to our GDPR policy.

Use of your information

Your personal details that you have provided are only used by us to improve our services as well as to contact you in relation to your enquiry, special offers, online order processing, online and event registration. Also, to contact you in connection with our own business development, market research and gifting service.

Your information will never be shared with any other business or contact without your written consent.

Clients personal data will be stored for a minimum of six years unless stated at the time. Clients data will be removed if requested within 30 days unless the data can not be removed for contractual or legal reasons. Clients will be informed that their request of data removal has been carried out or that due to contractual reasons or judicial proceedings that the data can not be removed. 

If you wish to contact us:

Andrew Winter Photography

23 Elmbridge Road

Cranleigh Surrey


07941 458267

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