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Welcome To Andrew Winter Photography

Award Winning 'Equine and Dog Portrait Photography' for horse and dog owners who REALLY love their companions.

We Specialise in 'Special'

All dogs and horses are special, their owners are special people and a professional photoshoot is a special opportunity to create amazing images and memories that you will never forget.

As a 'Dog and Equine Portrait Specialist' I specialise in making sure that clients and animals are comfortable in the knowledge that I am not going to ask them to do something they are not happy with.   I make sure that the experience is fun, relaxed and stress free for yourself and your pet. This means that everyone can can relax and enjoy spending the time together with your best friend, doing something different.  

I will work with you and with your pets to create an amazing experience for you both.

Still worried about how your dog or horse might behave?  I love to work with all dogs and horses, well behaved and trained animals are always welcome, but if you do have a dog or horse that is Rescued, Reactive, Disabled, Underlying Health Issues, Anxiety or Separation Issues, Needs To Remain On The Lead, Lacking in Confidence, Would Not Be Able To Undertake An Indoor Studio or Outdoor Enclosed Photoshoot then they are the special ones and also deserve to have amazing images taken of them and to look their very best in the photo's you have of them.

What will you do with the images?  After I have dusted my magic river the images I can advise on wall art and display pieces that are hand crafted by artisans just for you, to create truly bespoke stunning pieces that will adorn your home for years to come.  Seeing images of your pets around your home every day that make you smile is great for mental well being as well.

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"We wanted to say thank you so much for the viewing today. 

Honestly words can not express how happy we are with them and you captured the moment beautifully. 

They are memories we are going to treasure of Rosie and Tobey!" 

"Our parcel arrived and it is perfect!  

We both wanted to say thank you so much for not just the experience but the amazing photos as well! 

We will cherish them!

Best wishes, Hayley, Mark, Rosie and Tobey"

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Have You Had A Shoot With Us Before?

I am removing the Session Fee for ALL previous clients, including previous Charity Shoots.  This means you can have a 'Just The Session' Photoshoot on Equine and Dog Photoshoots for FREE.  Of course if you would like to make a small donation to Charity as well then I will send you the link.  

See the relevant photoshoot pages for details in the menu.


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About Me

It's hard to put into words how I feel about dogs and horses and if you own one, then you will know what I mean.  It's the joy I feel when I meet a new dog and they want to play or the calmness that I feel being around horses. Every animal I work with offers something different and its the essence of their being that I try to capture in an image for you to see every day in your home.

Taking a photo of a dog or horse is easy, we all do it.  We all have a thousand images in our phones that we can see at the touch of a button which is amazing.  

But to have an exceptional image on the wall that encapsulates the very personality of your companion. An Image that stirs an emotional response and brightens up your day, every day, is something truly special.  

I photograph horses and dogs over other subjects so much because I know that I am able to create that image for another person.  To create something so priceless and emotionally valuable for a client is an incredible feeling.  Long after our faithful companions have travelled over the rainbow bridge, you will still have images that hold your memories of them, of their personality and special characteristics forever.  

Images become more valuable as time goes on and a source of companionship in themselves.


"Andrew managed to capture some truly beautiful images of some of our horses at Mane Chance, but more than that he seemed to capture the essence of each horse he photographed.......and all done with calmness and no fuss, which made the horses feel very safe." - Jenny Seagrove, Mane Chance Horse Sanctuary, Compton, Surrey


Want To Find Out More?

My 'Special Guarantee' and 'Promise'

If you are not happy with any of the images presented to you or the shoot does not go to plan then I will happily re-arrange or re-plan the shoot or alternatively refund the booking fee.

Behind The Scenes

Hi, my name is 'Jack'.

My owners never thought that they would be able to take me for a professional photoshoot as I have what they call 'issues'.  But I had so much fun and wanted to share with you how I became a 'Top Dog Model'.  

I am not afraid to say that I have a few issues regarding staying safe that my humans have to keep in mind.  For example I cannot be trusted off lead in an open environment, especially in strange surroundings and I am very wary of other dogs approaching without warning as I get scared and might react in an inappropriate fashion.  So Andrew arranged a calm, relaxed, safe and quiet photoshoot for me where I can stay on the lead in a location where I could see if anyone was coming so that I could relax, feel safe and enjoy my time exploring my new surroundings. 

I love it that he took the time to understand my issues and would recommend a photoshoot to all my fellow dog friends, even those, who like me, have things we need to consider.  Thank you, Jack

We Also Have A 'YouTube' Page

If you would like to see more Behind The Scenes' videos, 'The Archive' of previous photoshoots and all other video content then please go visit.  Please don't forget to 'Like' and 'Subscribe' so that you do not miss anything.  Click HERE to visit.

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Subscribe to my Newsletter and I'll keep you up to date with everything we are up to, other dog friendly businesses, events, places to visit in the local area.  I may even have to odd special offer or freebie for you and your FURiend.


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