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Award Winning Equine and Dog Portrait Photography

Mastery of light and the art of creating lasting memories of your best friend for your home.  Capturing those fleeting, precious moments, the tilt of the head, the raise of the paw, the drop of the ear, all the little things that you love about your pet, is what I can capture for you.

You deserve to have a professional portrait experience and to enjoy images like this in your home.  Creative portraiture is an investment that will continue to bring pleasure and a smile to you for a lifetime.  It is a bespoke piece of artwork designed to match the decor of your home that you will want to show off to family and friends and is by far the most personal piece of artwork you will ever own.   I specialise in creating fully framed and finished products for clients.

Everything we do is designed never to be average, so when you book us, you book a professional photographer with skills to ensure that your images are touched by magic every step of the way.

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Hi, my name is 'Jack', I'm a Jack Russell cross and wanted to show you how I became a 'Top Dog Model'.  

I am not afraid to say that I have a few issues regarding staying safe that my humans have to keep in mind.  For example I cannot be trusted off lead in an open environment, especially in strange surroundings and I am very wary of other dogs approaching without warning as I get scared and might react in an inappropriate fashion.  So Andrew arranged a calm, relaxed, safe and quiet photoshoot for me where I can stay on the lead in a location where I could see if anyone was coming so that I could relax, feel safe and enjoy my time exploring my new surroundings. 

I love it that he took the time to understand my issues and would recommend a photoshoot to all my fellow dog kind, even those, who like me, have things we need to consider.  Thank you.

We Specialise in 'Special'

I have met many owners over the years who have told me that they always felt a professional photoshoot was out of the question for their pet, either because of their behavioural issues, the way the animal looks, a disability or because of what they perceived a traditional photoshoot to be like.

As a 'Dog and Equine Portrait Specialist' I would like to encourage you to try a professional photoshoot with me.  I believe that all dogs and horses are special and deserve to look their very best in the photo's you have of them and this is what I do every day.

I can arrange a fun, relaxed, stress free photoshoot for your dog or horse no matter what the issues are or the concerns you may have.  Sometimes it just requires a little more thought and planning, but it can be done.  I have done it many times for clients and would love for you to have the experience as well.

I offer a 'Guarantee Promise' that if you are not happy with any of the images presented to you or the shoot does not go to plan then there is no cost to you or obligation to purchase. 

So if your dog or horse falls into one of the categories below and you would like some amazing images of them for your wall then drop me a message and I'll be happy to talk through a photoshoot for you.  

Rescued Dogs / Horses

Reactive Dogs / Horses

Disabled Dogs / Horses and Tripawds

Dogs / Horses With Underlying Health Issues

Dogs / Horses That Do Not Like To Be Surprised

Dogs / Horses With Anxiety or Separation Issues

Dogs / Horses That Need To Remain On The Lead

Dogs / Horses That Lack Confidence Around Others

Dogs / Horses That Would Not Be Able To Undertake An Indoor Studio or Outdoor Enclosed Photoshoot

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Me and My Work


2021 - Overall Category Winner - Me And My Horse Portraiture

2021 - Consumer Award - Creative Dog and Equine Portraiture

2020 - 2 x Consumer Awards -  Equestrian Portraiture

2020 - Consumer Award - Creative Dog Portraiture

2019  - Consumer Award - Equestrian Portraiture

2018 - Award Finalist - Dog Portraiture

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