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On The Day Check List

Please bring with you:

For the dog:

Your dogs Water Bowl and Water that we can take with us.

A Brush





Long line (if necessary)

For the human:

Another human is always welcome and another pair of hands is always useful.

You will need top bring one person per dog to get the most out of the session.

Wear suitable clothes and footwear for the terrain which can be slightly rough and hilly in places. (See photo's below)

A hat and scarf depending on the weather.

You may be required to walk amongst the bracken / heather as well as on the sandy paths.

NO sandals / flipflops / shorts etc

You will end up in some of the images to a certain degree so please wear clothes that you would be happy to be photographed in.

The best colours to wear are neutral colours that blend in with the scenery for example browns, greens, blacks, whites. Please do not wear anything that stands out, for example Bright Logos, Reds, Yellows, Pinks, Oranges, Fluorescent Colours.

A drink / food

Your Diary so that we can book a date and time to view your images.

My contact number: 07941 458267

Any questions, please get in touch here.

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