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'Make Your House A Home'

Show off your images with beautiful fully finished art work.

The Products

I personally search for beautiful products that will be worthy of your home and compliment the wonderful images of your best friends.

All products are produced in the UK and Ireland

Products are of the highest quality

The companies I work with have Eco Friendly practices in place

 My Products cannot be found on the High Street

Own your  pieces of bespoke artwork that you deserve, made just for you, to cherish for ever.

I pride myself on being able to find exactly the right product and size for any home or style and so if you don't see anything you like or have something particular in mind, please drop me a message to discuss what you are looking for.

Every product is especially made to order and quality checked at every stage of the production process right up to the point of you receiving it so I can guarantee your satisfaction with the final result.

Please note that I am a 'Fully Finished Product and Print' based studio.

Frames are put together by craftsmen not machines.

A Guide to Products and Prices

The following information is meant as a guide to the products I can create for you from your images and to costs.  

Framed Artwork

There is nothing more traditional than the framed imaged. There are a variety of options regarding framing at different prices to fit any budget or style.  They have all been selected to perfectly compliment the style of photography I produce and are the perfect way to finish of your images, creating artwork worthy of your home.

Hi Definition Metal Print Panels

The Metal prints can only be described as 'stunning'.  A piece of art work that's truly eye catching with colours that pop right off of the image.  They have to be seen to be fully appreciated.  Thin and lightweight, they are available up to 60", so if it's the 'WOW' factor' you are after, this is worth considering.

Fine Art Float Frames

If you are looking for something different, something a little more artistic, then the 'Fine Art Float' frame is a stunning way to present an image.  

The printed image floats above the backboard of the frame giving the image depth.

The print is available with a clean straight edge or a torn edge style, this is a chunky, contemporary piece of art that would look great in a sitting room, a kitchen or an art gallery.

Multi Art Panels

Flexible in design, the popular 'art panels' are a great way of showcasing multiple images.

They can be used to tell a story, focus on different aspects of your pets personality, follow your dog over a number of years or showcase your pet in different seasons. 

A real statement piece and available in different sizes they are perfect above a desk or as a room centrepiece. 

They are a truly flexible piece of artwork. 

Deluxe Canvas Prints

A Canvas is a light weight, cost effective way of hanging big images.

I have sourced a quality of canvas that is second to none. 

They are laminated to resist cracking and ink fading,  hand stretched individually over chunky 38mm bars with flat, neat corners before being finished off with framing tape.  They also come with adjustable corner wedges so that if over time the canvas slackens, it can be re-tightened. 

They are presented to you fully fitted with hanging points and felt corner coins so that they are ready to go straight on the wall. 

The Legacy Folio Box

Available in two sizes, the Folio Box is designed to stand up and be displayed on a sideboard or a table so it's perfect for clients who are short on wall space but still want to display their images in either portrait or landscape orientation.  

The Folio Box's are made with top quality and sustainably sourced American Walnut with beautifully crafted hinged lids.

Each image is secured into a mat where it is locked in place, guaranteed not to slip.  If you want to change your matted images at a later date it's easy.  Just slide out the image and slide in a new one.

A USB with a magnetic cover is included containing the corresponding set of watermarked digital files, suitable for sharing on social media and the web.

Designed to show off your favourite image, it sits perfectly framed in the window even if the box is half full or empty with no tilting, falling or dead space.  It takes just seconds to swap the image over for another one that has been securely stored inside the box.  The box holds 20 of your very best images.

Memory Box and USB

The 'Memory Box' is just that - a box full of memories that can be added to over a period of time, whether it's the day, weeks, months or years.

The Memory Box is a great way of taking home the entire set of images from your shoot either to frame up yourself or to compliment other art work pieces.  Your images are printed to 9" x 6" and presented in a beautiful faux leather presentation box in a wide choice of colours.  

This Memory Box also includes the complete set of watermarked digital files, suitable for sharing on social media and the web.


Collections represent the most cost effective way of purchasing multiple images across a variety of sizes and styles with savings on the cost of buying them individually.  Details are available when booking.


What makes the service you provide special for clients?

I provide a bespoke Photoshoot Experience from start to finish and there is nothing more important to me than making sure clients are happy, informed, advised and certain they are making the right decision at every stage of the journey.  Customer service is the most important part of what I do and so if the client is not happy then nor am I.  

I offer a "Personal Promise and Guarantee' that any problems or unforeseen circumstances can be fixed, re-arranged or re-funded so the client will always leave happy.

What makes your products stand out above anything else available to the average consumer?

I like to make sure that what I create cannot be found on the high street.  I use a number of small suppliers in the UK and Ireland who I have confidence in to produce the high demands I put on my work and have ethical practices regarding the wood sources and re-cycling etc.  

The products that are offered are all styled personally to the photography I produce and will suit any style of living that you may have from Country Cottage, Flat, Town House to a Beach House for example so if you should move then you it will always look amazing and never out of place.

Why should your clients choose you and use your services?

Why not? Try me and see, I promise you will have an amazing experience. I love what I do.  I am passionate about the power of Pet Photography to improve peoples lives and want to share this with you.

How can I make your life better?

Every now and again it is important to treat yourself to something special, I know I do.  Especially now, people are looking for more than just spending their money on 'things', they are looking for experiences, special products, something that once the money has been spent will stay with them for a lifetime.  

That is what I can do for you.  An amazing experience in the countryside, having some special one to one time with your best friend , having a really fun time, getting home feeling like you have done something different and then a couple of weeks later, the viewing of images from your special day to bring it all back with option of purchasing a permanent reminder to put on your wall.  

Seeing images of your pets on your wall will make you smile and remember every single day and at some point that becomes a really special and important thing to do.

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