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Our Location:  Albury Heath, Surrey


At our location on Albury Heath, there are plenty of opportunities to photograph your dog running, chasing and playing.  The sandy paths, heather, gorse and beautiful trees are the perfect backdrop to an image and with every month of the year providing a change in fauna, no two shoots are ever the same. The ground is mainly sandy, so even on wet days it is possible to keep your dog clean if you wish to do so.

It is a wonderful location where you can easily get away from other visitors, so is perfect for your dog, especially if they are nervous, can be reactive or do not like to be surprised.


There is FREE Parking is at Albury Heath Cricket Club and it has its own postcode: GU5 9DB (See map below)

If you are coming from the direction of the A25 (Guildford, Dorking, Albury) you will drive up a long hill called New Road. As you get to the top of the hill look for the 3rd turning on the right. This is Sandy Lane and you will see the cricket pitch on your left, and the cricket pavilion in front for you. You can park on the left or on the right here.

Please Note - Whilst most Sat Navs will bring you right to the car park, some are not as accurate as others, so please refer to the the map below or to Googlemaps on your phones this can be more accurate than some in-car systems.

I will be there waiting for you by my car when you arrive. I am tall, normally wearing a red coat, will have a camera bag and I'll be standing by a Red Audi A3.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no cafe facilities here so bring refreshments if you need them. Within 5 minutes drive of this location is Newlands Corner with its cafe facilities or the beautiful village of Shere, with its shops and pubs.

You'll probably find your dog will be very tired and will sleep for the rest of the day after the shoot.

This is an added bonus that comes FREE of charge.

Albury Heath - In the Summer

Albury Heath - In the Winter