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Albury Heath, Surrey



There are plenty of opportunities to photograph your dog running, chasing and playing. The sandy paths, heather, gorse, rabbit holes, beautiful trees are the perfect backdrop to work with and with every month of the year providing a change in fauna, no two shoots are ever the same. The ground is mainly sandy, so even on wet days it is possible to keep your dog relatively clean if you wish to do so. There are no ponds or rivers at this location as it situated on top of a hill and it is also the perfect base from where to ride your horse with miles of bridleways leading to Farley Heath or to Blackheath in Chilworth and beyond.

It is a wonderful location where you can easily get away from other visitors, so is perfect for your dog, especially if they are nervous, can be reactive or do not like to be surprised.


There is FREE Parking is at Albury Heath Cricket Club and it has its own postcode: GU5 9DB (See map below)

If you are coming from the direction of the A25 (Guildford, Dorking, Albury) you will drive up a long hill called New Road. As you get to the top of the hill look for the 3rd turning on the right. This is Sandy Lane and you will see the cricket pitch on your left, and the cricket pavilion in front for you. You can park on the left or on the right here.

Please Note - Whilst most Sat Navs will bring you right to the car park, some are not as accurate as others, so please refer to the the map below or to Googlemaps on your phones this can be more accurate than some in-car systems.

I will be there waiting for you by my car when you arrive. I am tall, normally wearing a red coat, will have a camera bag and I'll be standing by a Red Audi A3.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no cafe facilities here so bring refreshments if you need them. Within 5 minutes drive of this location is Newlands Corner with its cafe facilities or the beautiful village of Shere, with its shops and pubs.

You'll probably find your dog will be very tired and will sleep for the rest of the day after the shoot.

This is an added bonus that comes FREE of charge.

Planning for Success - Photoshoot Check List

Please bring with you:

For the dog:

Your dogs Water Bowl and Water that we can take with us.

A Brush





Long line (if necessary)

For the human:

Another human is always welcome and another pair of hands is always useful.

You will need top bring one person per dog to get the most out of the session.

Wear suitable clothes and footwear for the terrain which can be slightly rough and hilly in places. (See photo's below)

A hat and scarf depending on the weather.

You may be required to walk amongst the bracken / heather as well as on the sandy paths.

No sandals / flipflops / shorts etc

You will end up in some of the images to a certain degree so please wear clothes that you would be happy to be photographed in.

The best colours to wear are neutral colours that blend in with the scenery for example browns, greens, blacks, whites. Please do not wear anything that stands out, for example Bright Logos, Reds, Yellows, Pinks, Oranges, Fluorescent Colours.

A drink / food

Your Diary so that we can book a date and time to view your images.

My contact number: 07941 458267

Any questions, please get in touch here.

How to plan for your photoshoot and what to expect on the day.

Before the day.

Initially a date will be set for a photoshoot and a location agreed upon.  A couple of days before the shoot I will call you to confirm details and to answer any questions that you may have.

I will provide you with a map to the location and directions including any instructions/cost for parking.

Make sure you have favourite treats or toys organised along with anything you might need e.g a drink, food, clothing, boots, my contact number (07941 458267).

On the day.

On the day there is no need to walk your dog before the shoot, I am used to dogs that are full of energy and won't sit still, but if they are a little hyped there is no problem in letting them blow off a bit of steam and it gives me time to find out more about your dog, take some test shots and see what kind of things will be possible.

I plan photoshoots to last between an hour to an hour and a half depending on the dog, the location and the weather.  After meeting up and introducing myself we head out for our walk which normally would be about 30-45 minutes, but on the way round we'll stop off and take shots, allow the dog to play, run, sit down and rest.  I won't often pose dogs, I prefer to let them just be themselves, but on occasion there are some basic poses we can try or I might ask for them to lie down/sit in front of trees or in the heather/long grass.

I have a list of shots that I try to achieve throughout the shoot and this inevitably includes the owner in some of them.  Often it is just an arm or a leg that is included or shots of you walking alongside your dog.  With this in mind, please think about what you might like to wear for the shoot.  Wear sensible walking clothes that you don't mind being photographed in.

I will always ask whether there are any types of shots you would like to try on the day as this is your time to have fun as well.  This would include portraits of you sitting or playing with your dog.  Some people are happy to be photographed, others are not, it is up to you.

At all times you are in charge and in control of your dog.  I am just there to observe, so I will follow your directions on their safety, health and how tired they get.  There is never any pressure from me to 'get the shot'.  The dogs welfare is my primary concern at all times.

Generally I only cancel shoots if it is raining and often this can be last minute.  If this happens we will re-arrange as soon as possible.

Please remember to bring some water and a bowl for your dog that we can take with us. They can find it extremely tiring and they'll need a drink on our way around the heath.

After the shoot.

After the shoot I will talk you through the arrangements for the viewing, how long it will be before you will be able to view the images and explain the products and price list so that you have time to think about whether you would consider purchasing images of your dog for the walls of your home.  There is never any pressure to purchase wall art and I do not 'hard sell'.

I can also arrange for you to have a shoot and viewing on the same day (T's and C's apply in order for this to be practical) so please ask if this would be preferable.

I hope this gives you a flavour of what to expect, but if you have further questions then please get in touch by clicking HERE.

Albury Heath - In the Summer

Albury Heath - In the Winter

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